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The Hairdressers’ Charity

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The Hairdressers’ Charity is the official charity of the hair industry and has been created to help hairdressers in need.

The Hairdressers’ Charity, with a heritage that dates back to The Hairdressers Orphan Fund in 1853, and more recently HABB, has been established to support hairdressers and ex-hairdressers who have been affected by illness, disability, bereavement or financial hardship. With over 300 applicants requesting help each year, the charity relies on support of the hairdressing industry to enable help for those who need it most.

How We Help
The Hairdressers’ Charity is 100% committed to helping hairdressers in their hour of need. The help provided comes in different forms, depending on the recipient’s needs, but beneficiaries are often helped in the following ways:

• Regular quarterly payments to people who are struggling to get by due to unforeseen circumstances
• Emergency one-off grants to help with a short-term requirements
• Providing children under 16 with a clothing allowance for their school uniforms, Christmas and birthday presents and holiday money
• Training and equipment to help people learn new skills or update their skills

Fundraising Help
We’d love you and your team to organise your own fundraising events as it’s a great way to have lots of fun and raise money for hairdressers who need it most. As a charity, our volunteers and supporters also run a calendar of fundraising events each year to help hairdressers in need such as:

Helping Hairdressers Day • Golf Day
Charity Bike Ride • One Hour, One Day

Our website is regularly updated with dates, events, and even has a fundraising tool kit to download. As a registered charity, The Hairdressers’ Charity, can also claim Gift Aid on donations.

Are you a hairdressing professional who is going through a very difficult time? Do you know a fellow hairdresser in need of help? The Hairdressers’ Charity is here to help.

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